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FAQ: Questions and Answers about PackKing

I don’t want to pack all these items!

The shown list of items are meant to be suggestions. They are supposed to help you to figure out what you want to pack.
Step 1: Press the plus item of an item to add this item to your final packing list.
Step 2: Filter the items that you want to pack by pressing the Funnel-Button in the menu.

Inside my list there are no items anymore

Might it be that you activated the filter (funnel-button in the menu) without your knowledge. Press it again and deactiviate the filter. This way you will see all the suggested items again.

Where do I find a summary of my list?

Go to the menu and find the button with an arrow up & and down symbol. With this you can change the view by …

  • Category: The list is viewed in tabs by categories like Clothing, Hygiene, Health, ToDos, Gadgets,…
  • Topic: The list is viewed in tabs by your chosen topics like Air, Car, Beach, Cruise, Hiking, Boat,…
  • Bag: Main Luggage, Carry-On, On Person, and your custom bags
  • Shopping list: Items that you marked with “Add to shopping list” are shown in this view
  • Summary / Export: Here you find a summary of all items that you added to your list

How can I export my list?

Go inside your trip. Find the icon with an arrow up and down. Choose “Summary / Export”. Now you can choose in the menu which way you would like to export your list.

Can I backup my packing lists / data?

Yes! All users that upgraded to the premium-version can use a function to Login. When you are logged in, all your new but also existing packing lists will be saved on our server.

Whenever you login to your devices, you can access all existing packing lists. Press “Reload” in the menu of your list, if you made changes on an other device.

There has been an option to backup with Google Drive before, but it is no longer possible to create new backups with it. However it is still possible to access existing backups.

Can I edit the same list on multiple devices in Realtime?

Unfortunately PackKing doesn’t support realtime editing. However you can take a look at the same lists when logged in to the same account. Whenever you made changes on one device, you need to use the “Reload”-option in the menu of the other to keep your data up to date.

To which other apps can I export my packing list?

Besides the export as a PDF, you can export your packing list to all kind of apps that support text-import. Among others this is your Email-App, Whatsapp, Todo and Notes Apps.

What is the difference between a “Category” and a “Topic”?

A Category classifies the characteristics of an item. The app by default provides the categories Clothing, Gadgets, Health, Hygiene, Documents, Miscellaneous but also ToDo by default.
A Topic usually defines the usecase of an item. That can be as general as “Essentials”, but also very specific activities including Essentials, Beach, Sightseeing, Hiking, Outdoors or more.

Can I create custom categories?

There is no option to create custom categories. Probably you are looking for the option to create your custom topics? You find this option in the editor of your packing list. Find in the menu of your trip the “Edit this trip” button. Scroll down to “Custom Topics” and follow the instructions to create your own custom topic.

When does it make sense to create a custom topic?

It makes particularly sense if an activity that you (regularly) pack for is not covered by the app. Assuming you have a specific hobby (e.g. Tennis) that you bring to your trip. This way you can add all items that you need for this hobby to your list and have be shown as items of this topic. (Tennis socks, tennis racquet, tennis balls) and you want to have it shown separately in your packing list.

My custom topic is not shown as its own tab

Press the arrow up/down button in the menu and choose “View by…” -> Topic. This way it should be visible.

Where can I get the premium version of PackKing?

To the upgrade dialog, you get by pressing the three buttons up right. Here you find either “Get Premium” or “Hide ads”. Then the buying dialog will start. Thank you very much for supporting my app!

Can I create my own items?

Of course you can! Go to the packing list of your trip and you see a floating button with a plus down right. It disappears then you scroll down, but will appear again when you scroll up.

Is there a master list available?

Unfortunately there isn’t yet. But I added a copy list function as well as a reset function. You find them both when you are inside the list when you press on the three buttons. When you chose to copy your trip, then you have to reconfigure your trip. After that your existing packing list with all its items will be there, but none of the checked ones is still checked.
If you chose to reset, then the checking status will be changed. This means that all checked items will look like added.

Can I reuse my custom items and custom topics?

Yes, you can!
Custom items: All the items you create manually will be shown in any new packing list. If you manually create a new item for your first trip (e.g. a bathrobe), then this item will be shown in any trip that you create after you created the item. Make sure to tick the same topic under which you created it, otherwise the app doesn’t show it.

Custom topics: They are meant to be reused. All your manually added items that you save under this topic are shown in future trips as well.

Can I share the account with my friend / partner so we can both edit the same list?

Unfortunately PackKing doesn’t support lists that are edited by multiple people onĀ  multiple devices at the same time.

Question not answered yet?

Feel free to email me and put “FAQ” into the subject.